Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hours of Fun

A while back I made this tent for a birthday party, a few people seemed interested in having a tent of their own for their kids. I thought it might be a great Christmas present for family or friends. My kids love playing in it and they are so excited whenever I pull it out.

Since material is such a personal choice, you are more than welcome to buy your own material. I would probably recommend doing that and I will sew and put it together for you. Option 2 is to have me buy the material which then will be added into the total cost.
The first 3 people to order will get a price break at $18.00 and there after $25.00. Please contact me if you have questions and to place your order.


The Cahoons! said...

Hey Jenn, I have plans to make another one for a Christmas gift for two of my nephews. Did you cut out your own pattern or just use Sue Blakes? I have the info for it but what a waste of extra material! I guess I just need to break down and make the pattern. Your tent turned out really cute and I love the material you picked!

rookie cookie said...

If you sold these on Etsy, you could make BANK. People sell these and charge like $65.

Now that I know you make these, I might be hitting you up at Christmas. Jack would love it and Van would just knock it over. But either way, happiness all around.