Tuesday, November 07, 2006


This was Jaxson's first trip to Disneyland. He did great while we were in the park. He also went on his first ride. Pirates of the Carribean. He slept through the whole thing. Jaxson just loves being in his little snuggley.


Jaxson was a little pumpkin for Halloween. He looked so cute. I bought this little outfit before he was born. I thought 0-3 months would be large enought since he would be less than two months; however, when Halloween finally came he almost was too long.
Jaxson and I went to a Sylvan Halloween party. Jaxson's good friend Christopher was there. Christopher was Pooh Bear dressed as a bee.

Carli and Jaxson

Carli, Jenn, Jaxson, Taryn and Christopher

Trip to Utah

My friend/roommate from college came to visit Jaxson and I.

Aunt Lisa and her two daughters also came to visit us. Lisa doesn't usually wear a wedding dress, but they went to a Halloween party.

Daddy was so so happy when we came home.

Our trip to Utah

Angela and Jaxson
On the air plane to Utah. Jaxson did wonderful. He slept the whole way.
Great Grandma Broderick with her three great grand children. Jaxson's second cousins have all the hair. Poor little bald Jaxson.

Jaxson with his second cousins. Seth and Namda.