Saturday, November 10, 2007

Halloween Trunk or Treat Party

You lookn' at me. I'll spray ya. Don't get to close.
Yes mom dressed me as a skunk. Can you believe it. She goes as a cowgirl and I go as a stinky animal. I guess she does call me stinky butt when I have dirty diapers, so I guess it applies.
Dad as hill billy, a role that fit a little to perfect. He liked it because he didn't have to shave for multiple days. Jaxson was a little scared of daddy.
Taryn, Christopher as a lion, Jaxson, and Mom.

The Riley Farm

Some friends from Church are related to the Riley's who have a very large farm which includes a pumpkin patch along with apple orchards and more. Last year the Riley's, Hartman's, and us went. We had so much fun, we decided that we need to do this every year. This year we had two more families join us, the Bartlett's and the Rambow's. It was even more fun this year because our babies were older and they could enjoy much more.
Trying to find the perfect pumpkin. Doesn't Jaxson look so comfortable? Poor guy.
I love my little pumpkin. Right before we paid for it he dropped it and it split open. He was very sad. He held on to it very tight the whole time.
Christopher loves Jaxson. We sure miss living right next to the Hartman's. The boys would just walk over to each others house. Now the walk is just a little further.
Jack, Jaden, Jaxson, Christopher, and Riley. Cameron Riley didn't want to sit for the picture.

Down on the Farm

When I was a little girl, on Sunday's my family would go to the Piggies
and Cows. This was something I always looked forward to.
I've been waiting to take Jaxson until he was a little older, and he sure did enjoy himself.
He was a little scared of the cows, but the baby pigs, sheep, and lamps
were his favorite part.

Nice little lamb. He was loving them.

The piggies were very smelly, but he was willing to get nice and close anyway.