Monday, June 30, 2008

Jaxson Update

Sunday night we were at my parents for dinner, and Jaxson always has so much fun with Grandpa. My mom said Jaxson is like a little puppy when Papa is around, he just follows him and is right at his feet. Papa sweeps the pool and so does Jaxson, Papa waters the lawn and so does Jaxson. Watering the lawn is now one of his favorite things to do. He thinks it is very funny to get Papa wet or to at least see him jump back from the incoming water. It is quite funny to watch those two together.
Well last night Papa and Jaxson did one of the their other favorite things, which is to feed the neighbors dog. They have one nice little dog who doesn't bark and a bigger dog who is a barker and very skittish. Jaxson was down at Papa's side feeding the little dog when the bigger dog got past the neighbors son and started right for the food while barking. This scared Jaxson, so he backed up and was waving his hands. This then scared the dog and Jaxson got bit on the hand.
I was feeding the twins and couldn't do anything. I first heard the dogs barking and I knew that would scare Jaxson then I heard NO NO NO. Then there was silence and what seemed like minutes later a loud cry. I yelled for Tyson to go to Jaxson. He brought Jaxson back into the house bleeding from his hand. Very sad.
Both my dad and the neighbor feel terrible. Robin, the neighbor, was in the shower when it all happened. She ran over and apologized profusely.

Has anyone else been bitten by dogs before, and if so how long were you scared of dogs or were you?

Twin Update

Well the twins are doing well. They like to switch nights on who is going to be naughty or nice. This means mommy never gets sleep. Saturday night I clocked how much sleep I got and it was a total of 4 hours and 15 minutes. They've been waking for 2 hours in the middle of the night. Carson wants to be held and doesn't cry usually, but Addison freaks out every time the pacifier falls out and she cries. I don't get as crazy with Carson as with Addison. Naps are the only thing getting me through the days and I don't always get those.

Monday, June 23, 2008

We've Graduated!

These were the car seats that the hospital provided for us because they did not pass the car seat test. They were suppose to be in them for 30 days, but we switched them a little earlier. They were getting so annoying. They did not come out of the car very easily so we would have to hold or carry them when we got to our destination. If anyone wants a free car seat let me know. These two are free of charge (the car seats not the babies).

They are twins for sure. Look at their expressions in the above and below pictures, they are almost the same facial expression. Crazy!

They love their new car seats. They would cry every time we would put them in their first car seats. Now we can let them sleep in their car seats and they are just fine.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tree huggers

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A Day At The Park

We went to the park to say good-bye to some of our friends that were moving to Texas. Blake and Jaxson entertained themselves by playing in the wood chips. This was the longest that Jaxson sat. Tyson appreciated it since he was chasing him.

I knew we would need to feed the twins, so I pumped before we left so we could feed them there. Karissa was nice enough to feed Addison. She didn't mind since she has two boys and she really wants a girl. Doesn't she look happy?
After saying goodbye to the Lands, we went to Pizza in the park for the ward. Jaxson was happy that Christopher was there. Jaxson didn't eat at the park since he was to busy running around, so we were glad he sat long enough to eat a piece of pizza.
We would have gotten a picture of Carson as well however, he had a massive blow out diaper which required at least 12 baby wipes. Tyson tried changing the diaper on his lap which was a big mistake. I hope his out fit is not ruined because they are matching and it's one of the few we have.
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Finally Sleeping

The twins had a very eventful day. Daddy came home from work and fell asleep. The twins also fell asleep on him. Tyson looks a wee bit hot.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Still cute as can be!

I've not been on the computer much these days, so Jaxson thought he'd take over for me. He loves the computer especially when I'm on it.

"Grandma Broderick bought me a special dinner and I ended up wearing most of it. What I ate was good. However a bath was very necessary. Dad put bubbles in for the first time." (I know bubbles for the first time at 20 months, that is pretty sad. We just didn't want to have to do them every time.) "Boy did I have fun in the bubbles."

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Big Brother

I like the babies sometimes and mostly Carson. He doesn't cry as much.
Being silly with Carson.

All together. Jaxson is doing very well with the big transition. I couldn't be more proud of my big boy. I'm amazed at how big he is too. I thought he was still my baby until the babies came and then I realized how big he really is. In the beginning he really only liked Carson, we would try to give him Addison and he would push her away.

Now almost three weeks later he seems to like them both. At night before bed, he has to kiss the babies two or three time. At first, we would take him out of his crib and out to the babies and then put in back in his crib. Then we wised up and brought the babies to him. Our backs are grateful. He is much heavier these days.

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We do love to sleep

This is how we like to sleep, right next to each other. When one leaves for feeds or diaper changes the other knows the other is gone. It is a little strange, but I guess they've been with each other since the beginning.

When we are not swaddled to sleep our hands are always above our heads. This is how our Aunt DeDe sleeps too. Must be in the genes.
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