Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday Turmoil

Yesterday we were just about to head out to Church when Tyson and my Mom were putting the boys shoes on. Jaxson was wearing tan suede shoes and Carson was wearing black leather shoes. As my Mom was putting on Carson's black shoes, Jaxson started to freak out. He thought that she was putting his shoes on Carson. He didn't like that brother was wearing his shoes. He threw a monstrous temper tantrum. After repeatedly telling him the shoes were not his, we finally had to bring down his shoes to prove to him they were Carson's. Once we left for Church, Jaxson was still very upset and he wouldn't get out of the car. It was a fun day. Thank goodness it was this week and not last Sunday since we were speaking in Church.

Bath Time!!!

Jaxson loves bathes now that we put bubbles in. He loves them so much that by 3:00 PM he is asking for his nightly bath. He will stay in the bath for at least an hour if we let him. We have started putting all three together. Tyson is much better than I because I stress out to much.

Say cheese!!!Carson.

Whenever we go out, people always ask if they are twins as if I could have two babies so close. Then people will say "oh they look so much a like" What do you think? I don't see it.

Nine Months Old

I can't believe that the twins are already two months old. They have gotten so big. Carson is now pulling himself up on just about everything. He even gets stuck standing up in his crib and starts to cry because he doesn't know how to get down.
Addison is still a mama's girl. She doesn't like when I hold Jaxson or Carson. If I leave the room she gets up set too. After she cries long enough, she will settle down. It's good times.