Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New hobby

Since I'm such a stress case and need my children on a schedule I've dug myself into a hole, and it is difficult to leave the house. Thus I've picked up a new hobby. I've started making hair bows and flowers for Addison and thought I might be able to sell them. So here are a few samples, so feel free to pass this info on to others who might be interested. I will be starting a blog soon for buying them too. I have product ready for order.

Cream Interchangeable Elastic Headband

Pink Interchangeable Headband

Off White Interchangeable Headband

White Interchangeable Headband

Pink Jeweled Daisy 3"

Blue Jeweled Flower 5"
Dark Pink Jeweled Gerber Daisy 5"

Pink Jeweled Gerber Daisy 5"

Purple Peony with a Pearl 3"

Yellow Jeweled Daisy 2 1/2"

Off White Jeweled Gardenia 5"
Brown Jeweled Flower 2"
Blue Jeweled Daisy 3"

Eight Months and Two and a Half

I love my toys. This is a rare moment where I don't have to hold Miss Queen Addi.
I'm innocent.

Sitting up all by my self.

I love out side.

What is all this green stuff? Mom never takes us outside. This is great. There is so much to see.

This is one of Addison's eight month pictures. Here neediness has worsened to epic proportions. If I move away from her, she starts to cry and puts her arms up like this. She has had a difficult week. She got her first tooth on Friday of last week. My baby girl is growing up so fast.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Happy Four Years!!!

This was one of my favorite pictures although you can't see our faces.

Four years today we wed in the Los Angeles Temple. What a very special and wet day. I'm very sad that today will not be spending the day with my honey due to a doctors appointment in Las Vegas for Jaxson.
I'm a very lucky lady to have such a wonderful and supportive husband. He sure has put up with a lot in the last four years. He will tell you that this has been the longest summer of his life since our relationship started out just as a "summer thing". Little did he know that I knew it was going to be more than that, I just didn't tell him.
Ty thanks for four wonderful years and many many more. I love you.

My Sweet Boy.

Yesterday Jaxson and I were out side riding bikes and watching Grandpa work on the pool, when he got off his bike ran over to me and said "hug me". He wrapped his little two year old arms around my neck and then proceeded to ride his bike. I love being a mom.

I want to start writing my highs and lows of the day. A family on my mission did this before bed time with their kids and I thought it was a great idea. So here is goes.

High of the day- the above event
Low of the day- My left eye is swollen and all red due to it being scratched and I'm very grumpy because it hurts so bad.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My Hollywood Anniversary

I surprised Tyson for our Anniversary by going to Tokyo Kitchen for dinner. He loves places like this, and since I'm going to be out of town for our Anniversary I thought it would be nice. When I walked into the dining area I saw a star from one of my favorite TV shows. Yes I do admit I watch too much TV. It is mindless entertainment.
I turned around to Tyson and was trying to get him to look over there, but he was motioning for me to walk. When we sat down I told him who it was.
Can you guess who it is. (It's not a way popular show so you might not know it.) Her boyfriend is sitting next to her and is also famous and way hot. He too is in a show I watch regularly.
Okay so I was star struck at dinner and was coming up with ways I could get her picture. This picture is from Tyson doing a walk by after going to the bathroom. I couldn't figure out what would make these two TV stars come all the way to Montclair CA except that they appeared to be with friends.

I called Carli to ask her what she would do since she has family in Hollywood. She told me that when she is with her sister she's not allowed to approach movie stars. She told me to get a picture and call it good. That was the new plan just leave at the same time. They were there before us, so I figured they'd leave before us too. I was wrong. We were all done with dinner and I was distraught. What was I going to do? I knew I'd be kicking my self the next day if I didn't do something.

I asked Tyson are they still there and he said she's gone. I knew she went to the bathroom and then so did I. As I reflect on the night I was a total stalker. As I sat down in the stall next to her, all I could do was think please don't fart please don't fart. I didn't even feel like I had to, but this was the one thing that would crush my plan.

We both walked out of the stall about the same time. She got her phone out and started fiddling with it and moved out of the way so I could wash my hands first. I was done washing my hands and I was about to leave and I turned and said " I really love your show." She looked up and me and said "thanks. What's your name?" I told her I was sorry for bugging her and especially since it was her birthday. She laughed and said "it's not really my birthday it was a joke." I explained that is was our anniversary and that I wanted my husband to get a picture of her. She proceeded to tell me to come over to her table and take a picture with her. I said really. She said it's part of her job. She was very nice about it.

I walked back to our table with a huge grin on my face. I got my purse and walked over to her table. It was just going to me and Joanna, but then Robert Buckley, her boyfriend from Lipstick Jungle, said "get in I will take the picture." Tyson stepped in and I replied he is so tall can you get us all in. He said "no this is like a Cingular ad" replying to the our heights.

I should have invited him into the picture as well, but my mind was slow moving.
Joanna Garcia (CW Privileged), Jenn, and Tyson
It was a very exciting night. Tyson did some research on line and the two met most likely on the set since Robert is now joining the cast of Privileged. Happy Anniversary!

Joanna Garcia
Robert Buckley

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Merry Christmas at the Brodericks

Santa came!!! Jaxson was so excited that he started opening all the gifts. I made a vital mistake by digging under the tree and finding a gift that Grandma Ellis sent up. It was a DVD about horses. He then would not open any other gifts until he watched the movie. I was shocked as was everyone else. He had one of the biggest gifts under the tree, but he didn't care. He wanted to watch Spirit. He watched the movie for 45 minutes when he finally came back to open the rest of his gifts. We had such a laugh. No one could believe a child would do such a thing.Christmas morning before all the gifts were opened.

Grandma was just so happy to have the babies for Christmas. She was in all her glory. Our kids are so lucky to have four wonderful Grandparents.
Look at all my new toys. Do I have to share with Carson?
Please let me go. I want to open presents.
Our stockings were stuffed full of toys. We needed new quiet church toys.
This was a cape that we got for Jaxson. I had to model how to use it. I'm so glad that Tyson didn't record this moment. He would have had some real leverage on me.

Grandma and Grandpa Broderick got Jaxson a violin for Christmas. He really loves music.
Aunt Becky with Addison.
All four grandchildren. Jaxson, Carson, Zach, Addison
Wearing our Christmas PJ's. Don't we look cute?

Christmas Eve Party at Tyson's Grandparents.
Addison loves eating her soothie, she gets most of it stuffed in her mouth. It is the funniest thing to see. She has a very large mouth.

Tyler performed for our family and sang Silent Night in Hawaiian.

Great Grandma Broderick made these hats for the all great grand children. Our cheeks are so rosie because Grandpa Broderick keeps it so hot in the house.

A Dream Come True.

One of my dreams came true while in Utah. I've always wanted to ride in a one horse open sleigh. I expressed this a few times to Tyson and one time to Becky. She to has wanted to ride in a one horse open sleigh, so for my birthday we went. We had a great time. It was only 30 minutes, but it was long enough.
Becky had originally set up for the sleigh that you see in the movies. However, due to a storm the night before, they couldn't dig it out. Instead we got the hay bales. None the less, we still enjoyed the ride. We left the twins at home because I didn't think they would enjoy it as much and then I wouldn't enjoy myself either. Pretty selfish.
While waiting to for our sleigh ride, Jaxson rode his own horse. He loves horses so much.
Back row- Casey, Becky (his wife) Becky (mom), holding Zack, Colby (Chelsea's boy friend), Chelsea, Mr. Driver
Front row- Gary, Tyler, Jaxson, Me, Tyson

Poor Tyson was the first one on the sleigh so he sat closest to the horses. This was a very large mistake as he is allergic to horses. He thought he was far enough away that he'd be okay. He wanted Jaxson to be able to see the horse, thus he sat close. Poor guy. He was trying to be a good daddy by getting Jaxson close to the horses.
After the one horse open sleigh ride, we went to dinner. We had a great time. Thanks so much Mom and Dad Broderick for a dream come true.

This was a killer icicle found at the restaurant that we ate at. Tyler was having fun breaking them off from the roof of the restaurant.

Happy Birthday to Me.

Here are some pictures from our trip to Utah. This is Great Grandma Broderick, who is a twin herself. Back in the day, her mom didn't even know she was pregnant with twins, so when she was born her mom only had one name picked out. Her name is Pauline and her brothers name is Paul.
We went on my birthday to Cafe Rio for lunch. We had such a wonderful lunch. I do miss that place. I try to go every time I go back to Utah. For those of you who like Cafe Rio too, it didn't disappoint. It was tasty.

Chelsea and Tyson enjoying their lunch.

Look how big we are, we can sit up in high chairs all by ourselves.
Thirty candles to blow out and I did it.
Shauna and Jason drove down from Idaho to surprise me on my Birthday. As read in previous blogs, Tyson threw me another party in Utah. They were the only ones that came due to bad weather conditions. Thanks so much Shauna and Jason for spending the day with us and leaving the rest of the family for most of Christmas Eve. Thank you Tyson too. I love ya.