Saturday, February 03, 2007

Utah Trip for Casey's Wedding

Jaxson does better early in the morning than daddy. Daddy doesn't like getting up at 4am
Casey and Becky at their Reception
Jaxson and Uncle Tyler

Jaxson's First Christmas

Tyson once again being over dramatic. But on the inside he was really that excited about the fruit snacks. This year they lasted a who three weeks. I was so proud.
Jaxson was so worn out from the celebration that he just passed out.
So peaceful!!!
Man we sure look great. HaHaHa

Jaxson's First Christmas

Tyson made breakfast for us on Christmas
morning. He made German
Pancakes; however he could remember
how to make them
so he had to call home!!!

Jaxson with all his new Clothes. Matt got a new tip for his paint ball gun.

Grandpa and Jaxson. Tyson being Tyson. He was being just a little dramatic about his new shirts from DeDed.

Christmas Eve

Jaxson's First Chrismas

Jenn's Birthday

I had a great Birthday dinner at my parents house and got new clothes which I really needed and my favorite perfume from Tyson.

The Annual Christmas Cookie Night

Carli Ganet and I started cookie night last year. We had so much fun we planned it again. This year Taryn Hartman was able to make it as well. We had sugar cookies coming out our ears, but they were sure good.

Dad's idea of putting Jaxson to sleep.

Tyson was being a good daddy and husband by getting up with Jaxson early one morning. When I got up in the morning Tyson was passed out on the sofa and Jaxson was swinging back and forth in his swing.