Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm back!!!

Well after taking a month and a half off I figure it's time to get back on the wagon. Much has happened and I don't know how far I want to go back. So I will list them and post pictures later as I'm in Utah currently and didn't bring my cord for pictures. So here it goes.

1. Got into our first house.
2. Gary Broderick came to CA to help put in new base boards. Man I bet he wished he hadn't volunteered for that job. After the first day he couldn't get back down on his knees.
3. Becky Broderick came and helped me decorate a little.
4. Tyson finally started at his new branch. He has been roaming since October of last year. He has a home away from home again. The branch looks great.
5. Carson started to walk, now he runs.
6. Addison finally decided she too would walk. I guess she realized I wouldn't carry her forever and since Marcella isn't around as much (only because we don't live with my parents) she would have to learn to walk.
7. Jaxson is a maniac in the pool. That kid needs to figure it out fast before he drowns.
8. Jaxson has realized after months and months of climbing out of his crib that he can get out of bed before 7 am and before mom and dad get him out. One night we had to go in 4 times to turn off his light and tell him to go to bed. Then he proceeded to get up at 12:00 A.M. and then again at 1:45. I was so tired then next day. I thought well maybe maybe he will sleep in, but to no avail. He was at our door at 6:15. After that night I locked our door and left a pillow and blanket out side our door. Is that bad? I was hopeing since our bed room is down stairs it would eleminate this kid of thing. I would be scared to walk down those stairs late at night.
9. Drove to Utah.
10. Chelsea Broderick became a Mrs.. Chelsea got married and is now Chelsea Sutton. It was a fabulous sealing. The sealer was wonderful. The Spirit was so strong, and it was amazing being with all the family.
11. Went boating and to the water park.
12. Going to the zoo tomorrow.
Well that just about sums up the last month and a half. I will post pictures soon. Peace out.