Sunday, September 28, 2008

Four Months Old and Counting

Who's who? This was one of my favorite outfits that Jaxson had so I had to get a picture of Carson in it as well. When I compared the picture it was a little scary. The biggest difference is that Jaxson is five months and Carson is only four. Oh and Jaxson was able to sit up.
Headed out to Costco
We went with our friends the Hartman's to the LA County Fair on Wednesday. We had a real good time.
Jaxson was very scared of the goats at first because they thought he had food so they all came running. Once they realized he didn't have food they no longer charged him.
Christopher was holding on to Jaxson's hand like his life depended on it.

This is how Jaxson eats his waffles. He picked up this little trick from PaPa Ellis who licks his ice cream bowl.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jaxson's Second Birthday!

Happy Birthday Bubba!
That looks good. Even to a little boy who doesn't eat cake.
Yummy! Pizza with no toppings. Man I love being allergic to dairy.
Mommy you did a great job.

I can't believe my little boy is already two. Last Monday I decided that I would give him a little birthday party. He loves Elmo so much that it made the theme very easy to complete the party planning. I found an Elmo cake mold that I was sure would not make it on time, but thanks to eBay it made it on time. This was the first time I've ever make anything like this. For those of you who know me well I'm not creative at all. That part of me never developed. So to have the cake turn out, on the first try, I was very proud.
I was sad not to get more pictures due to Addison. She has become quite a mama's girl and will not go to anyone else. I had envisioned how I wanted everything and the pictures I would take and it just didn't happen and now it is all over. I didn't even get pictures of his guests. I'm a little bummed. But we had a very good time and thanks to all the parents who took the pictures and video for me and Tyson.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

He loves his new bike and thanks to Elmo, he knows he can't ride his bike without his helmet. I guess Elmo does have some redeeming qualities.

You may be thinking what a strange picture to add to your sons birthday pictures, but if you look closely that is Jaxson's new toddler helmet. Yes it fits. I always told everyone what a small head I have and this just proves it.

Sleepy boy. Two Sunday's ago the babies were sick so I stayed home with them and Tyson took Jaxson to church. We he dropped him off before heading back to church and all Jaxson wanted to do was watch Elmo. I put it on while I feed the babies. I got up to put Addison down who had fallen asleep and by the time I got back to the living room Jaxson was asleep. For some mom's this is normal, but not for this mom.
I was watching Jon and Kate plus eight the other night and she made a comment that really hit home. She said once the twins were born they documented everything and love all the old home videos, but once the sextuplets were born they no longer had the time to do it. This was a major reason to why went along with the show. They would have all the moments captured.
Well since the twins have been born I don't video nor take pictures like we did with Jaxson.
This is the first picture I have with me and all three kids. SAD!

Labor day at my parents. All four kids were born within 10 days of each other. So crazy. The twins were the last to be born and were 3 1/2 weeks early, but they've caught up in size as you can see. Tyson and I grow them big.

My oldest and dearest friend Julia finally seeing the twins. She couldn't get enough of them. She waited till the last minute to leave, she didn't think it would be right to leave her own two boys at the bus stop alone.