Saturday, September 16, 2006

Our First Outing

Yesterday we took Jaxson out for the first time. Our kitchen table needed to be replaced, so we decided to check out the sales. Before we left I wanted to feed Jaxson, so I asked Tyson to pack up the diaper bag. We packed it full of all the necessities even additional outfits because Jaxson loves to pee through his clothes. The time came for Jaxson to be feed again when I realized that we didn't grab the diaper bag. We had already been out for about two hours and he was going to need a diaper change. We hoped that he'd make it until we got home, then while feeding I felt a little explosion in his diaper. We still had to go back and buy the table. I then felt like a terrible mother as he'd have to wait til we got home. What type of mom leaves the diaper bag at home when she has a week old baby. Fortunately the furniture store was next to Babies R Us, so while Tyson bought the table I ran next door and bought diapers and wipes. I was relieved when I went into the mothers lounge and there were no other mothers preasant, I could only image what they would think if they saw me without a diaper bag. I'm pretty confident I will never forget the diaper bag again. I felt so bad for little Jaxson.