Saturday, November 10, 2007

Halloween Trunk or Treat Party

You lookn' at me. I'll spray ya. Don't get to close.
Yes mom dressed me as a skunk. Can you believe it. She goes as a cowgirl and I go as a stinky animal. I guess she does call me stinky butt when I have dirty diapers, so I guess it applies.
Dad as hill billy, a role that fit a little to perfect. He liked it because he didn't have to shave for multiple days. Jaxson was a little scared of daddy.
Taryn, Christopher as a lion, Jaxson, and Mom.


Sarah Jackson said...

Sorry I'm so slow at commenting. I can't believe how cute Jaxson is! He is so adorable and his little chubby cheeks are so cute in that skunk costume! I miss my friend. BTW, you look awesome!