Thursday, October 16, 2008

Eating solids for the first time.

Who would you guess likes the rice cereal more? I know I was surprised. Addison is our winner. She has gotten the hang of it much better. I left Tyson by him self to feed the twins rice cereal for the first time. He thought at first that she didn't like it, but she was crying because he couldn't get the food in fast enough. We now give two spoon fulls to Addi and one to Carson. It's working currently, but once Carson gets it, it will be madness.
The food just hangs out in his mouth until his fingers go into his mouth and then he sucks the food down like he's nursing.
MORE Please!

Carson rolled over for the first time on October 1st. Papa Ellis came down last Wednesday to help me with the babies and Jaxson while Tyson was at Bishopric meeting.

Carson was showing off and rolled over about ten times. He rolled over almost as fast as I could roll him back to his stomach. He was showing off. Addison isn't even close. Mostly because she cries if she is on the floor for more than a few minutes and can't see me.

So cute
I love watching this little boy sleep. He is so cute. Between his cheeks and those lips it's no wonder I've not kissed them off.
Wow! Got Hair.


Leigh said...

Got to love those first food pics! They are getting so big!!

The George's said...

What's the difference in size of the babies? What a fun time for you. Now that Carson is rolling over, watch out.

Dixie said...

Wow, they are growing so quickly! You have so much respect from me, just for surviving each day with twins. I realy admire you.