Thursday, December 25, 2008

Another 30th surpirse

Tyson really pulled out all the stops on this birthday, I think he was just making sure that he gets a good 30th in 3 years. Either way I had such a great long birthday.

While we were in Utah he planned for my friends who still live in Utah to come over for a winter BBQ. He told me we were going to Brick Oven, which is one of my favorite placed to visit while in Utah. We got all ready and drove on the slick roads to Provo. Once we got there, I had to run to the bathroom because he rushed me out of the house much like my first surprise party. Then he had to go to the bathroom and upon returning the told me that he left he debit card at home. I told him don't worry I have my wallet. Little did I know he had taken my wallet out as well. So back to the car we went. I tried not to be frustrated, but I was hungry too.

Once we got back to the house, he made up a story for me to come back into the house. When I came in my sister Shauna and nephew Jason were standing in the kitchen with Tyson's family. I was so shocked they came all the way from Idaho Falls to spend the night with me. It had been snowing all day and everyone who lived with in an hour drive canceled due to weather. This made having my sister with me even more special. Thank you Tyson for making 30 such a wonderful time in my life. I hope the rest of the 30's go as well.


The George's said...

I'm so glad it was a success. Tyson called and invited us, but of course we weren't in Utah this christmas. Glad to know it went well. Nice planning on Tyson's part! Happy Birthday. Way to join the 30's club. It's not so bad!