Monday, February 23, 2009

Bath Time!!!

Jaxson loves bathes now that we put bubbles in. He loves them so much that by 3:00 PM he is asking for his nightly bath. He will stay in the bath for at least an hour if we let him. We have started putting all three together. Tyson is much better than I because I stress out to much.

Say cheese!!!Carson.

Whenever we go out, people always ask if they are twins as if I could have two babies so close. Then people will say "oh they look so much a like" What do you think? I don't see it.


Leigh said...

Bryce bathes Abigail every night because by then, I don't have any patience left! That and it is good Daddy time :) They are getting so big and cute. Where does the time go?

The Cahoons! said...

I think their noses are the same! Their head similar, but everything else is very different. They're adorable by the way!

Clint and Mary said...

I'll be honest...I still think that Carson and Jaxson look more alike....but it could just be their eye colors throwing me off. Its been too long since we've seen you! This has been "sick month" for my house. This cold just keeps getting tossed back and forth between my boys...i have been fortunate...thank goodness! We miss yall!

The Harker's said...

I can totally relate to that one! I would also dress my Madeline in pink and bows and Scott in blue boy stuff, and people would still say, Oh, twin girls! or Oh, twin boys! Seriously? Would I dress my boy in pink with bows? People say the funniest things without really thinking! I am sure I say wacko things all the time!

Becky said...

So cute! I think that you should do Jaxson's hair like that all the time!