Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Crystal Light + 3 Kids =

Last night I was making tacos for Taco Tuesday when my night turned very colorful. I started dinner early trying to get everyone feed before 6:30 when I started to taste grape. I knew the taste well as we make crystal light often. I thought it was strange, but didn't think much of it since we had been making it a lot since the weather warmed up. Anyways, Jaxson and the twins were playing on the stairs and I asked my dad to go get them. As I started flipping my first tortilla I heard, "What are you doing get down from there." I ran in to see what was happening. My dad had Carson, so I grabbed Addison. As I picked her up, I saw her face was black and then I knew what happened. Jaxson got into the crystal light and dumped it all over the carpet, tile and the twins heads.
My dad took Carson into the Kitchen sink and started to clean him up when I realized how much Addi had on her. So to the bath we went. Dinner got delayed and we had a colorful bath. Good times. I don't recommend this to other mothers. At least with a couple washes it came out.

Addi gone Goth.

The rest of the night Addi had black boogers.


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Min said...

you gave me such a good picture of what I have to look forward too!!!

The Rambows said...

too funny. I am laughing out loud!