Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Seattle Trip Day 4

Sunday morning came along and we decided to go to church at Tyson's ward on his mission. There were so many people he didn't get to see the day before so it was good for him to see all those old faces. Most people recognized him. He was in Zillah for a year so it didn't surprise me. They were all so nice and welcoming, even though our children had the worst Sunday of all time.

After church we drove up to Seattle. About a two and a half hour drive. The pass was pouring rain. The whole way. It was a down pour. The Seattle area was welcoming us to it's city with its typical rain.

We got to my sisters house and went right out to a park to let the kids run around. We found a little park where there was a fountain. The kids didn't care that it was 50 degrees outside. They ran through that water and played for about 30 minutes. They couldn't get enough of it. They were soaking and shivering by the time we got back to DeDe's place.

Seattle trip day 4, church, driving in pouring rain, kids almost dying of hypothermia, and enjoying our time with DeDe.