Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jaxson found a new way to play with his train. I was sitting on the floor with him and not realizing what he was doing until he was already standing in the train. Once he got out, it was all about getting back in, he was having a hard time and didn't want any help. My little independent man.

We have recently discovered that Jaxson LOVES Baby Einstein. I never really wanted to place my child in front of the TV and let him go, but sometimesI got to get stuff done. This is my time. He now pulls out all the DVDs lookingfor the white cases. Yes he knows which ones he wants and the rest get tossed aside. Every once in awhile, he will find his blanket which is kept in his bed. When this happenshe doesn't have a care in the world unless you step in front of the TV and he will move his body in order to see again. So much for saying I don't want my kid to be hooked to a TV program.

Look how cute


Sarah Jackson said...

That is so cute! I also swore I'd never be a mom who would plug my kids into the tv occasionally...but here I am!