Friday, February 08, 2008

Let the pain begin

So on Wednesday, Tyson and I went to the specialist for the month visit. We had a fetal EKG and everything looked good. However, he did inform me that I still have placenta previa which means I can't even try a natural birth. He said it doesn't look like it's going to move either. So I already started to prepare myself for the C-section. I guess it's better for the twins anyways.

After that appointment we met with a different doctor with lots of waiting in between. There is always a tech in the room before the doctor comes in to make sure everything is ready and working. Her first comment was it's fun to see such big twins this early in the pregnancy, I'm used to seeing them so much smaller. Tyson and I just just laughed. She was not the first tech to say this to us, as we've been going for three months now.

Once the doctor came in she started all the measurements and everything looks good. Two healthy little, yet big babies. There is for sure one girl and one boy. As she continued with the measurements, she made a comment about baby boys tummy being big, naturally I asked is that okay. She then told me his belly is measuring in the 75th percentile. Now working at Sylvan has taught me that this means only 25 out of 100 babies would have a bigger tummy. So I thought, wow thats good and bad. Then my dear loving husband who doesn't have to carry the children asked "well what about his head." The doctor laughed a little and said "we don't have to talk about that." I responded with "what does that mean, is his head really big." And just like that she said "yes and his head is measuring in the 85th percentile." BOOM, a C-section is now looking much better. In addition, both babies heads are down, thus I've been experiencing A LOT of pressure.

Now it may seem like I'm complaining, but really I'm just thankful that both babies are healthy and there are no complications. By having both babies so big it will just decrease their chances for having to be in the NICU. Baby boy is 1 pound 5 ounces and Baby girl is 1 pound 4 ounces (and her head is normal sized 46th percentile) and both are 11 inches long.

Top Picture: This is both heads next to each other. Since both are so big this is the only way we can show them together. It is the tops of their heads.

Bottome Picture: This is a side profile of Baby Boy. We can't get a good one of Baby Girl she is quite shy.


The Cahoons! said...

I'm so glad the babies are healthy! At least you can now plan on and be ready for the c-section. With baby boy's head that is sounding like a better idea! I love the ultrasound pictures! My baby is still head up, so maybe, just maybe we'll be c-section's what we've always wanted I'm sure!
I can only imagine the pressure you are feeling. I feel like I have a lot of pressure, but I'm sure it's nothing like yours. Walking is so uncomfortable when their is pressure huh!

Amy said...

I'm so excited that you are for sure having a boy and a girl and I'm sure you are relieved. Three boys would definitely be intense. I'm glad everything is going well for you guys!

The George's said...

So exciting. I love the good news of a healthy baby boy and girl.

Amelia said...

This is Amy (Anderson) DeWaal. I can't believe you're pregnant again! And with twins! Crazy! That's going to be quite the adventure! I'm pregnant with my third also. Congrats on the babies and I hope all goes well!!