Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter without the Parents

This was one of the first years since being married that we were on our own. My parents went to Sac town to see my brother and his girls, however my sister Shauna and her 3 youngest come down from Idaho.
Well since mom wasn't home that left the cooking to me and Shauna. It's a lot of work. I'm so okay not doing big dinners. As I sat down to eat, Tyson said "is it true what they say about food not being as good when you cook it your self?" I would have to agree, it doesn't taste as good. So sad. I should have taken pictures of my legs from standing so much. For those of you who saw my legs with Jaxson they are starting to look the same, but so much earlier. So sad. I know Tyson loves to make cool shapes in my legs and Taryn gets a good kick out of them too. Sorry but there are no pictures thus far.


Taryn said...

Is it weird that I find your "cankles" entertaining? The joy of pregnancy!