Saturday, March 22, 2008

My First Hair Cut!

Tony was just the type of guy I envisioned cutting Jaxson's hair for the first time.
We went to down town Upland to a little barber shop, with the barber pole and
everything. Jaxson didn't start off to well, but once he got a sucker
he was just fine. This was his first "true sucker" as well. He'd have licks
from ours, but never his own. By the end, he had hair stuck to the sucker
and his hands were a mess.

Yes mom I do like my sucker very much. More than my new cut.
Some may not even notice he got it cut, but boy what a difference.


Amy said...

Okay, I have been dreading Kamryn's first hair cut but she is getting to the point where she is in desperate need. Is this place good for all kids? Any other recommendations. I can just imagine Kamryn having a fit, sucker or no sucker. Oh, and if you want to learn how to do videos, ask Jason. He posted that blog.
(by the way, Jaxson looks adorable)

Jason, Amy & Kamryn said...

Just let me know when you are up for a lesson in videoblography, and I'm there.