Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I sure hope soon.

Well I'm still pregnant, but I hope to have these two soon. I've not been sleeping well at night which means I'm tired during the day, so when Jax goes down for his naps I often nap too. However, I think these naps might be causing the bad sleep at night. Adison gets the hiccups on a very regular basis which is very irritating since I feel it in my right leg. If you can't tell I'm ready. Although when I say that, I think am I REALLY ready. They are so much easier while inside you, it's when they come out that all the work begins. I am excited to meet my little darlings and I hope they come sooner than later. Two weeks seems too long to me.


adventure knitter said...

oh my goodness! you feel hiccups in your hip?! crazy crazy. i hope those two behave themselves for you when they come out! good luck!!