Friday, May 09, 2008

Newport Beach

We had a good time at the beach a few weeks ago. Although we almost did not make it, due to the fact that I drove around for over an hour to find a parking spot. Tyson, who left work 45 minutes after we left Upland, got to the beach before I even found a spot to park. We ended up parking about 12-14 blocks away from our destination (we were meeting many friends from Church). By the time I walked 10 block I thought my uterus was going to fall out and I was almost in tears. Tyson was trying to carry everything and Jaxson, but it just was not possible, I had to carry some stuff. Two women praised me for attempting the beach.
Once we got to the beach, I just sat under the umbrella. Jaxson pretty much stayed up with us which I didn't mind. We didn't have to chase after him. You might notice in one of the pictures that Jaxson's eyes are a little swollen, it was because he got sunblock in them. I did not feed him something he should not eat.


The George's said...

What a trooper. I would have just gone home when I couldn't find a parking spot.