Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blessing Day

It was a wonderful day. We had much of my family present and also much of Tyson's family. His family came down toCalifornia for a Broderick family reunion. His grandparents drove from Newport to be there for the blessing. My sister Shauna with her husband and family came, Robbie and his wife Carla and her oldest daughter and Robbie's three girls, DeDe, and Matt were there from my family.

Great Grandpa Broderick holding Addison.

An up close picture of Carson on Aunt Chelsea's legs. He looks very chubby. He is, but the picture exaggerates it a bit.

Great Grandma Broderick holding Carson. This picture surprises me a little because Carson rarely takes a pacifier.


The George's said...

What a special time. I love her bow.