Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Port for the week

We went to Newport Beach for the week with Tyson's family. It fulfilled a childhood dream staying in a house right on the beach. I could walk out the back door and straight onto the beach. We had a most fabulous time. Jaxson was in heaven. He played all day out side. We would take the twins down to the beach in the pack n' play. They didn't love it nor did they hate it. I love this picture of Jaxson. I think he looks so handsome.

He loved playing in the sand. He would throw it up in the air and it would land in his hair. It was fun come bath time.

Grandpa Broderick and Jaxson down at the water.

Wow that is cold!


Leigh said...

Fun!! It's so great to see pictures of them. And Jaxson does look very handsome!

Amber Sheffield said...

So, Glad you are alive and doing well. I was getting worried. The kids are getting so big!