Monday, November 24, 2008

How blessed we are.

Well this is our last week in our apartment. I'm sad to leave, but I know it is the best thing for the family. This month has been a wee bit crazy. We thought we had Jaxs' asthma under control, but he was in the hospital again. Thursday afternoon I took him to Loma Linda, good family friends said that was the best place to take him. I made the 30 minute drive out and I think it was worth it. Although, once he was admitted our insurance tried to ship him off to another hospital, but they fought to keep us there and we won.

Anyway, he stayed until Saturday afternoon. Mean while Friday morning I woke up sick as a
dog with the flu. I was so sick I almost passed out in the shower, then couldn't hold the twins, had a fever of 104, plus the cold sweats, and more. Once the vomiting started that was when I had had enough.

Tyson stayed the night with Jaxson and then my mom drove out Friday morning so he could come home and get ready for work. By 10:00 am I thought I was going to die. The twins only took a 45 minute nap and that was when I thought I could lie down too. I called my parents crying and Matt came to the rescue. I was so thankful. Tyson got home just in time. Matt couldn't find the baby wipes and he was squatting in front of Addi with her legs in the air and a paper towel to wipe her bum. He didn't want to wake me, so he used what he could find.

By Saturday Jaxson just wanted out of the hospital, but they wanted to do more breathing treatments. The people Jaxson was sharing a room with were not very nice and in fact complained to their daughters specialist about how noisy he was. The doctor then came and asked Tyson to take Jaxson out of the room because the parents needed to rest. However, they had only been there for about an hour and this was the first time Tyson had seen them in 36 hours. Their daughter didn't even cry, it was them who needed to rest. They made them leave, but not before the father asked Tyson if his wife primarily took care of Jaxson. Insinuating that Tyson couldn't do it or was not doing a good job. I was highly insulted by that, so I told Tyson to tell them if they didn't back off I would come with our twins and me with the flu to infect them and be even louder. They only stayed for another two hours and then left again.

WOW! I thought that man was pretty bold for making my child and husband leave after Tyson had been there for two nights and they were only there for a few hours. I'm trying to tell my self they were just stressed out because of their sick child.

While I was sick I had such great support from my visiting teachers and relief society president. Liz made dinner for us and Amy, who just had a baby not even a week ago, called to see if there was anything she could do for us. And Teresa Ward packed up her pillow, blanket, and some clothes and drove to our house to stay the night. I could not have been more blesses then to have good friends and family around us. Then Suzanne High came over the next day to help out, fortunately I was feeling better.

We are now mostly healthy and trying to get everything packed up and ready to go. As I thought about what a terrible weekend we had last week I started to realize just how lucky I am to have such a wonderful support group. My mother in law was ready to get in her car Friday night at 6 PM to drive down to take care of us. The Broderick's are blessed.

May we all show our gratitude at this time for all we have. We have so much more than others. If I don't get back to blogging before Thanksgiving we hope you have a good one.

Happy Thanksgiving


Leigh said...

Its experiences like that that remind me how much the Lord loves us and knows us and will send help when we need it. I'm glad you are feeling better. Good luck with the move...where are you moving to? We just moved so I can sympathize....they are NEVER fun and always more work and stress than you plan for. Good luck. Happy Thanksgiving!

Land Family said...

That sounds like the worst week ever. I wish I was there to help you. I am glad everyone is doing better. You are so strong to endure such a difficult weekend so well.

The George's said...

Sorry to hear that you got it. What a rough week. Good luck with the move and have a wonderful thanksgiving. That's for the call last week, I needed it.