Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Potty Training

We've started potty training with Jaxson and I've been pleasantly surprised how well he has done. It is day two and he gets very excited when he goes in the potty. Tyson and Jaxson went to Target early yesterday morning bought a book and a potty. We went cold turkey and put his underwear on without going back (except for naps and night time). We had a hard time after nap time to get him to use the potty, but once he did it the first time we were good.
Today when he feels he needs to go he yells "mommy hurry!" We rush to the bathroom and presto pee pee. Who says potty training is difficult? LOL!


Amy said...

I think I want to cry. Can Jaxson come over and give Kamryn a little pep talk or something. We're dying over here... :-)

Amber Sheffield said...

Congrats...But, remember oh remember it is only day TWO! (I do hope the odds are for you and he continues to be amazing)

The Cahoons! said...

That's amazing! I hope he keeps it up!

I do still have Porter rear facing. I've heard that once they're over 20 pounds and a year that they can go forward facing. But I plan to keep him rear facing as long as I can since it's safer. I've never heard about trying to wait until they're two though, that seems so long!

The Rambows said...

So nice for you. Maybe he won't ruin the new carpet now.