Monday, May 11, 2009

Jaxson and TV

My poor boy. He watches to much TV. On days when the twins sleep well I just relish in the idea of getting all I need to get done and that I can do it without him getting under my feet. He is currently watching Alice in Wonderland holding his blanket, but the laundry is getting done.

When we move he is going to have a rude awaking because we wont have TV. We will have a DVD player, but it will be upstairs and I will be down stairs. He likes to be where I am, so we will see how this goes.

I hope all everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day. I was so proud of the kids because they had a great Sunday and I actually got to listen to the speakers in church. We had three great talks. McCall Paker, a young women from our ward, spoke how grateful she is to mothers and all the work they do. She and all the young women came over about four months ago to see what bed time is like with young children. She opened her talking referencing this activity and said "After helping Sister Broderick with her three kids I realized I'm NOT ready for motherhood. Who would have known giving three kids bathes would have been so much work." However, she did say she still wants to be a mother so that made me feel a little better.

Another speaker reminded me of my Nana. She lived with us my whole life and she was a wonderful women and an inspiration. Me and my brothers and sisters were blessed to have here live with us.


The George's said...

your kids look so cute.