Sunday, May 03, 2009

Lemon Festival

A few weeks ago Upland held their annual Lemon Festival. We had never gone before, so we thought we'd check it out. We walked around for awhile and saw a few interesting things and people. They had two large elephants that you could ride for $5.00 per person for a 1-2 minute ride. We opted not for the elephant ride, but watched for some time. We then saw mini horses that you could ride and we knew there was no way we could pass on that one. Jaxson had so much fun. He wore his proud smile with head held high and just walked round and round in circles. When the girl went to take him off I thought he was going to pitch a fit, but he didn't. He waited until we got him back in his stroller. We had a good time.

We tried to get Jaxson to go to the restroom before we left as we are still working on potty training. He fervently said no, so we started home. About two blocks later he said "mommy pee pee." We thought it was to late so we continued home. We just kept telling him to hold it and he did. When we got home he had wet a little, but he made it to the potty. We were so proud.


The George's said...

What a cute picture. Glad he's doing so well with the potty. It will be nice to only have two in diapers.

The Harker's said...

Okay, lived in Upland for what, like the first 18 years of my life, and I never knew they had a Lemon festival!:):)

Heather Heaton said...

hey Jenn! It is good to hear from you, it has been a long time! Your children are beautiful! Crazy twins!!! I am glad you found my blog now I can blog stalk you!! so fun! well I hope all is well for you guys, take care