Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Seattle Trip Day 6

Alright I think it is about time for us to finish posting our trip.

This day was a special day because it was Jaxson's birthday. Tyson and I hadn't bought him a present because we didn't want to haul it up there just to turn around and haul it back. We ended up buying a gift for him anyway because that's kind of lame not to get a gift on your birthday. He ended up having to sleep with the dump truck we bought him because he wouldn't part with it when it came time to go to bed.

That day we went to the Seattle Aquarium. The kids loved it. Carson sat in his stroller the entire time, mezmorized by all that was going on. The only part he didn't like was when he touched one of those spiky things in the pool. I don't know what they are called, but their spikes really do hurt. Why wouldn't they? They're spikes!

That night we had dinner with DeDe and her boyfriend Perry. We had a little birthday party for Jaxson. It was a great day.

Seattle trip day 6 Aquarium and Birthday party.