Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Seattle Trip Day 7

On Day 7 we had a lot of things planned. We started off by going to Pikes Market. That place was a lot of fun. Seeing fish fly through the air, eating pastries, and of course the golden pig.After Pikes Market we went on the Mono Rail to the Seattle Center where we Rode the Ducks. These are guided tours through the city on the back of what they call a duck. It's basically a car and a boat all in one. You get a guided on the water also. We saw the Sleepless in Seattle house on that tour. We had a tour guide that was a riot. He had music that went with almost every attraction we saw as well as costumes that went with those songs.

Perry and DeDe went out and bought the kids some toys that day, which the kids really loved. We also went down to the locks. These are like a miniture Panama Canal. To get the boats from the salt water to the fresh water is a big process. The water levels are almost a fifteen foot difference. It was cool to see the locks work. We also saw a beautiful Great Dane. The kids loved it. We also went into the Bar where the final episode of The Deadliest Catch is always filmed. That was cool too.

Seattle Trip Day 7: Pikes Market, Mono Rail, Ride the Ducks, and the Locks.


The George's said...

Sounds like fun. See now you need to go to Panama, because it's even cooler! Merry Christmas!