Friday, April 25, 2008

An Afternoon At Redhill Park

After we tried poisoning our son, we took him to the park. The fresh air really helped his allergies.

Like father like son. We were feeding the ducks, but they didn't seem to interested. After walking around the half the pond we saw a sign that said please don't feed the duck. That would explain why everyone was looking at us.
Sorry the pictures are blurry our lens is dirty.
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Amy said...

Yeah, I had never seen that sign about feeding the ducks until Heather told me she had seen it. So, no more feeding the ducks for us either. But Kamryn still likes to look at them.

Heath'e' said...

I'm so glad other people can't read too! :) We did the same thing with some friends earlier this month. All excited to go feed the ducks and they weren't interested. Then I noticed the signs. WOOPS, felt a little bad but oh well, I figure there is a lot of us that have made this mistake!

The Cahoons! said...

The question is: how did they train the ducks to not take food from people?

Cute Father Son pictures Jenn!