Monday, April 14, 2008

The Hospital Must Have Missed Us.

Just when things started to look up I had to go and wreck it. I was thinking man I don't have anything to exciting for the blog this week. I really need to get an edit button. It seems whenever I make comments like this something is bound to happen and yesterday it did.

I was feeling stressed with getting ready for church, getting Jaxson ready for church, and doing sharing time at church. I usually do sharing time without giving it much of a second thought, but for some reason this week it was giving me issues. Thankfully Tyson came home early from his morning meetings which allowed me the extra time to get to the church and pull the pictures I would need for sharing time, thus eliminating a wee bit of stress.

Tyson had to meet with some members from the other ward about Mormon night a Quakes Stadium, so he would not be there in church for the first 15 minutes. As we, Jaxson and I, sat down waiting for church, I placed Jaxson next to me on the bench. He immediately stood up and turning around to see who was behind us. He's been doing this for nine months at least, so I didn't think much of it. I thought I would take this time to organize my self for Primary and the thought came to me wait till Tyson gets back. I ignored that voice from within and started to separate some stickers and what not. Sister Patzold came over to hand me a flyer for this weekends pot luck and then it happened.

I saw Jaxson out of the corner of my eye falling straight backwards off the bench. I tried to catch him, but it was to late. He smacked his head on the wooden Hymnal holder. He was very hurt and I could tell. Well when you see the pictures from the next post you will understand that I could not just bend down and get him. I had to crawl down in between the two benches and pull him out. I was confident I was flashing everyone in the middle section of the Sacrament room, but I didn't care. As soon as I picked him up the blood started rushing down. I knew he would need staples or stitches. I quickly got up, I really did and rushed him out. Tyson was walking down the hall and I told him what happened. There was a lot of blood flowing from two different wounds. I moved his hair back from one wound and it was a good size gap and it confirmed my thoughts about staples. (They now use staples in the head not stitches.) With blood all over my face, I went back to get all our bags from the Sacrament room. We stopped at my parents to see what my mom thought and she agreed that we should go to Urgent Care.

We were in and out with in an hour which was very nice. That was way faster than I thought it would be. Three staples in head we were on our way home. Tyson pinned him to the table while the nurse held his head still. I was standing right there, but when the doctor pulled out the little white staple gun I moved away. I just couldn't see him thrash about and scream in pain. It was very sad. By the time we got back to my parents house, he was just fine and wanted to go out side with Grandpa who was sweeping the pool.

He has recovered really well. We have to go back Tuesday to make sure there is no infection and by Friday the staples will be out. So my "slow week" with only two visits to the hospital has now turned to four.

Before the staples
After the staples, but it looks worse because the doctor couldn't clean it up very well.


Kendall and Lee'sa said...

Poor baby! Does it hurt him to lay on them?

Heath'e' said...

Poor baby! Glad he's doing ok, what a day! Does the hospital have a reserved parking spot for you yet?! ;)

Kylie Walker said...

That is so funny that you guys did that, we do the next blog thing too to see if we can tell if they are lds! I should be ashamed that it was so hard for someone to figure our blog out:) I hope your baby is ok, that looks like it hurt a lot!

whit. ing. said...

Sure hope all of his accidents and sickness is over with real soon. You are lookin' like you are ready to deliver!

I was thinking of you today and your twins and I thought I would send you the link to someone who is in your similar kid situation. It is my sister's sister in law. They have 3 kids. 1 daughter and twin boys and the twins and the daughter are less than a year apart. Check it out:

The George's said...

Can you please stay away from there, except to get those beautiful twins here. Enough already. Wow, what a year of DR bills, I'm sorry. Hope you have great insurance. love ya!