Friday, April 25, 2008

Why mom why?

Have you seen the move Hitch? Well Jaxson had his Hitch moment on Wednesday. He had eaten noodles from Lasagna twice before with no reaction, so I thought we'd be okay. Well from the pictures you can see we were not. This was with in 10 minutes of eating the food. We quickly did a breathing treatment and gave him Benadryl and it started working with in 30 minutes. Good thing daddy and grandma were with me.
click on the photo to get the full effect.

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Amy said...

So, this reaction was due to the noodles? Wow, those are some pretty swollen lips. Man Jenn, you just don't catch a break, do you. :-)

gbbroderick said...

This is so sad, We have started Chelsea on allergy shots, and should have done that with Tyson. could this be an option for Jaxson's allergys

gbbroderick said...

This is so sad. Can he have allergy shots that will help. We are doing that with Chelsea and here allergys have improved. We should have done that with Tyson