Monday, August 10, 2009

A Day at the Zoo.

Jaxson was a little scared of this elephant because it made a loud noise when you touched it. I wanted a picture with all three kids, but it was hard enough getting Jaxson to sit on it.

When we went over to the bears, we saw one playing with a box. He was moving it around and then he tried to sit in it. He got in, but obviously didn't fit. I reminded me of the twins they climb into all sorts of boxes, baskets, etc. It was really cute seeing this big bear climb into this wee little box.

While in Utah we also went to the Zoo. It is no wonder that when we got home from Utah Jaxson thought we needed to go and do something everyday. We bought a Zoo pass too, so if anyone has one let me know and we can go to the LA Zoo together. It's much cheaper than Disneyland passes. Jaxson loved it. It was hot, but fun.