Saturday, August 08, 2009

Swimming at some water park in Utah

While in Utah we went out to dinner with Tyson's cousin and her family and his brother Casey, and his family. We went to an El Salvadorian restaurant in down town Provo. It was a little whole in the wall place,but very busy. Tyson's cousin Marina has a son the age of Jaxson and was drinking orchata. Well Jaxson thought he wanted some and knowing he would not like it I let him take a drink. He started getting really fussy and I thought it was because he was bored and hungry. He started really getting fussy, so I left with him to go to Mc Donald's. By the time we left Mc Donald's I knew that he was having an allergic reaction.
We went back to pick up Tyson and while pulling out of the parking space Jaxson started to cough which is a warning of what is to come. Vomit. We used the box from his happy meal to catch the vomit. We gave him what meds we had and put him to bed. By the next morning it was a full blown asthma attack.
Since he hasn't had an attack for over 6 months not thinking I didn't bring any of his asthma meds, so off to the hospital we went. He was acting so energetic I'm sure the doctors thought we gave him something funny. He would thank the doctor after he listened to his chest. He would tell everyone about his owee and how he got it.
Grandma Broderick showed up and he told me I could go home. The twins didn't sleep well the night before so I went home to sleep thinking we'd be there for at least 2-3 more hours. Jaxson was home with in an hour of me getting home. I guess the hospitals in Utah are fast than here at home.

Tyson really wanted to take the kids down the big water slide, I think he thinks they will like it. Going down a dark wet tunnel out of control sounds like a lot of fun to me.

While in Utah Carson and Addison decided that they too wanted to walk down the stairs. This is usually not a good idea. Carson took a nasty fall and hit the hard wood floor. It turned into a black eye. Thank goodness he did it the night after family pictures.

However, Jaxson has this stand by conversation for anyone who will listen. It goes something like this. "Hi." He'll hold up his hand to show his owee and say, "I have an owee. I stuck my finger in the fan. Brother has a black eye, he fell down." He tells this to everyone and thankfully people only catch a few words so it doesn't sound like I neglect my children and report me to Child Protective Agency.


Kendall and Lee'sa said...

Hey Jenn! I think of you too...looks like you guys have a lot of fun and excitment in your lives right now. Ya, I can't believe I have an almost 6 yr. old! 1st grade now! yikes! Take care!