Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On our last night in Utah I went out to dinner with my older brother Jeff and his family. They just had twins too. My mother in law was gracious enough to stay home with my three kids so I could enjoy a nice dinner out. We went to one of my favorites, PF Changs. It was fantastic. Since I know all to well what it is like to eat with small twins I took Micheal who had not slept for over 6 hours. He feel asleep in my arms at dinner. Diana seemed grateful, yet at the same time bad for me since I usually eat dinner with a child in my arms and that night I didn't have to.
We went back to the Broderick's after dinner and let the kids run around. Micheal remained in the car asleep, with doors open of course. Diana was not about to wake him up for a photo. Thus there is only one baby in the photo below. Jaxson loved playing with Hannah. It was fun watching him play with his cousins.

Elizabeth nearly 3 months old. They were still so small.

Addison's new thing is climbing on chairs. She just loves swinging her legs and feeling victorious after climbing into the chair.
The eye just kept getting better as the week went by. Tyson just kept telling me to take pictures. If you look closely Carson is a little wet. He kept playing in the gutter water. I didn't really care since he was going to have a bath that night any how; however, when he started to drink that water I had to put a stop to that. I really wanted to catch him doing it, but I was to slow.