Monday, June 23, 2008

We've Graduated!

These were the car seats that the hospital provided for us because they did not pass the car seat test. They were suppose to be in them for 30 days, but we switched them a little earlier. They were getting so annoying. They did not come out of the car very easily so we would have to hold or carry them when we got to our destination. If anyone wants a free car seat let me know. These two are free of charge (the car seats not the babies).

They are twins for sure. Look at their expressions in the above and below pictures, they are almost the same facial expression. Crazy!

They love their new car seats. They would cry every time we would put them in their first car seats. Now we can let them sleep in their car seats and they are just fine.


Heath'e' said...

so sweet! You can definitely tell they don't like the old car seats, and are very content with the new ones!!

whit. ing. said...

How awesome that you get to have a pink car seat. I am slightly jealous.