Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Still cute as can be!

I've not been on the computer much these days, so Jaxson thought he'd take over for me. He loves the computer especially when I'm on it.

"Grandma Broderick bought me a special dinner and I ended up wearing most of it. What I ate was good. However a bath was very necessary. Dad put bubbles in for the first time." (I know bubbles for the first time at 20 months, that is pretty sad. We just didn't want to have to do them every time.) "Boy did I have fun in the bubbles."

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Taryn said...

Too Cute! I was hoping for more pictures. I especially love the one with Carson kissing Addison.

The Harker's said...

Sounds like you are doing well Jenn! Your little babies are adorable!

The Rambows said...

I couldn't help but notice the time when you posted these. Oh the late nights and no sleep--you know it best! I am still so excited for all of you and very impressed with how well you all are doing.

The George's said...

How fun. Glad he is doing so well with the twins.