Monday, June 30, 2008

Jaxson Update

Sunday night we were at my parents for dinner, and Jaxson always has so much fun with Grandpa. My mom said Jaxson is like a little puppy when Papa is around, he just follows him and is right at his feet. Papa sweeps the pool and so does Jaxson, Papa waters the lawn and so does Jaxson. Watering the lawn is now one of his favorite things to do. He thinks it is very funny to get Papa wet or to at least see him jump back from the incoming water. It is quite funny to watch those two together.
Well last night Papa and Jaxson did one of the their other favorite things, which is to feed the neighbors dog. They have one nice little dog who doesn't bark and a bigger dog who is a barker and very skittish. Jaxson was down at Papa's side feeding the little dog when the bigger dog got past the neighbors son and started right for the food while barking. This scared Jaxson, so he backed up and was waving his hands. This then scared the dog and Jaxson got bit on the hand.
I was feeding the twins and couldn't do anything. I first heard the dogs barking and I knew that would scare Jaxson then I heard NO NO NO. Then there was silence and what seemed like minutes later a loud cry. I yelled for Tyson to go to Jaxson. He brought Jaxson back into the house bleeding from his hand. Very sad.
Both my dad and the neighbor feel terrible. Robin, the neighbor, was in the shower when it all happened. She ran over and apologized profusely.

Has anyone else been bitten by dogs before, and if so how long were you scared of dogs or were you?


Taryn said...

It is a good thing that you have health insurance for Jaxson:)_

Poor little guy. I am beginning to think that in any situation if there is a way to get is going to happen to Jaxson.:(

Amy said...

I had already established a love for dogs by the time I got bit. We had a wonderful dog for a pet too. I was probably 12 or 13 when my friend's dog bit me, so, I didn't like that dog so much, but I still love dogs and can't wait to have one of my own. This probably doesn't help you....but kids are pretty resilient and forgetful at that age....I'm sure he'll bounce back from it.

Raena Johnson said...

Hey Jenny,

Came across your blog today and read your sad story about the dog. I am so sorry. My two little ones are pretty much terrified of dogs - as was I when I was little. No one has ever been bitten but I don't really mind that they are afraid or 'cautious' of dogs. Better safe than sorry. I only allow them around dogs on leashes. I grew out of it eventually when we had a dog growing up.

Your twins are adorable. Sorry you're not getting much sleep! Go take a nap.

Land Family said...

Well I know I am the dog lady so here it goes. My kids have been around dogs since the days they were born. For the most part the are not scared of dogs at all. However, I still do not let them go around any strangers dogs. For example, dogs in the park or walking down the street. They are not aloud to touch any dogs I do not know. Dogs have different things that make them aggressive or fearful. Food is a major one. Another is children, especially if they are making loud or strange noises. I would expect Jaxson to be afraid of dogs for a little while but in time he will likely get over it. You need to make sure to not show him that you are afraid of dogs when you see them, but explain that you shouldn't touch dogs that you don't know because you don't know if it is nice or not. I am very glad he was not seriously injured and I hope he gets well soon. If you want to ask me anything else, feel free.

Tyson Broderick said...

Thank you so much for your comments. Jessica should I wait to expose him to dogs again. My brothers girl friend has an older dog who is really nice and I've been thinking she should bring him over. Any thoughts?

Land Family said...

I would just wait a while. There is no need to rush back into it. I am not saying not to ever touch dogs again. Just be very careful about which dogs and under what circumstances. I would not under any circumstances feed someone else's dog and especially not if there is more than one dog. Dogs that you know are skittish should be avoided, it just means they are unpredictable. Give Jaxson a little while to heal and try to explain why all of that happened (as best you can). That not all dogs are that way, but we need to be very careful of our behavior around them. If you have any other questions, feel free.