Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Day At The Park

We went to the park to say good-bye to some of our friends that were moving to Texas. Blake and Jaxson entertained themselves by playing in the wood chips. This was the longest that Jaxson sat. Tyson appreciated it since he was chasing him.

I knew we would need to feed the twins, so I pumped before we left so we could feed them there. Karissa was nice enough to feed Addison. She didn't mind since she has two boys and she really wants a girl. Doesn't she look happy?
After saying goodbye to the Lands, we went to Pizza in the park for the ward. Jaxson was happy that Christopher was there. Jaxson didn't eat at the park since he was to busy running around, so we were glad he sat long enough to eat a piece of pizza.
We would have gotten a picture of Carson as well however, he had a massive blow out diaper which required at least 12 baby wipes. Tyson tried changing the diaper on his lap which was a big mistake. I hope his out fit is not ruined because they are matching and it's one of the few we have.
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The George's said...

so cute. They are already changing. You look great and happy. We may come down in September. Can't wait to meet them.