Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My Hollywood Anniversary

I surprised Tyson for our Anniversary by going to Tokyo Kitchen for dinner. He loves places like this, and since I'm going to be out of town for our Anniversary I thought it would be nice. When I walked into the dining area I saw a star from one of my favorite TV shows. Yes I do admit I watch too much TV. It is mindless entertainment.
I turned around to Tyson and was trying to get him to look over there, but he was motioning for me to walk. When we sat down I told him who it was.
Can you guess who it is. (It's not a way popular show so you might not know it.) Her boyfriend is sitting next to her and is also famous and way hot. He too is in a show I watch regularly.
Okay so I was star struck at dinner and was coming up with ways I could get her picture. This picture is from Tyson doing a walk by after going to the bathroom. I couldn't figure out what would make these two TV stars come all the way to Montclair CA except that they appeared to be with friends.

I called Carli to ask her what she would do since she has family in Hollywood. She told me that when she is with her sister she's not allowed to approach movie stars. She told me to get a picture and call it good. That was the new plan just leave at the same time. They were there before us, so I figured they'd leave before us too. I was wrong. We were all done with dinner and I was distraught. What was I going to do? I knew I'd be kicking my self the next day if I didn't do something.

I asked Tyson are they still there and he said she's gone. I knew she went to the bathroom and then so did I. As I reflect on the night I was a total stalker. As I sat down in the stall next to her, all I could do was think please don't fart please don't fart. I didn't even feel like I had to, but this was the one thing that would crush my plan.

We both walked out of the stall about the same time. She got her phone out and started fiddling with it and moved out of the way so I could wash my hands first. I was done washing my hands and I was about to leave and I turned and said " I really love your show." She looked up and me and said "thanks. What's your name?" I told her I was sorry for bugging her and especially since it was her birthday. She laughed and said "it's not really my birthday it was a joke." I explained that is was our anniversary and that I wanted my husband to get a picture of her. She proceeded to tell me to come over to her table and take a picture with her. I said really. She said it's part of her job. She was very nice about it.

I walked back to our table with a huge grin on my face. I got my purse and walked over to her table. It was just going to me and Joanna, but then Robert Buckley, her boyfriend from Lipstick Jungle, said "get in I will take the picture." Tyson stepped in and I replied he is so tall can you get us all in. He said "no this is like a Cingular ad" replying to the our heights.

I should have invited him into the picture as well, but my mind was slow moving.
Joanna Garcia (CW Privileged), Jenn, and Tyson
It was a very exciting night. Tyson did some research on line and the two met most likely on the set since Robert is now joining the cast of Privileged. Happy Anniversary!

Joanna Garcia
Robert Buckley


teresa p said...

Wow, exciting! Robert Buckley is from Claremont, so that might have something to do with why they're all the way out here. Tokyo Kitchen is our standby Dalton birthday place - we love it.

Amy said...

I was just going to mention what Teresa said. Robert Buckley is from Claremont and Jason used to hang out with him. So, yeah, probably why they are out in that area. Very cool story Jenn! Jason's Dad would always take us to Tokyo Kitchen. Love that place and need to go back. Happy Anniversary.

Clint and Mary said...

Shut up!!! K...your anniversary dinner was much better than our Sycamore Inn...ummm, Jen, I don't know if i've ever heard the word "fart" come out of your mouth...i mean maybe if you're referring to Tyson but never you! That is so funny! I wish I knew who these people were...either way it's still really cool! Clint and I would recognize anyone from HGTV...but thats about it...okay and the office..duh.

michelle taggart said...

oh my goodness jenn, how stinkin lucky are you!!! i always want to meet movie stars and it just never happens... especially not in montclair! i love robert buckley... dang he is so hot! i just might have to make tokyo kitchen my new favorite hang out! ha ha

The George's said...

Way to be and go out on a limb. It paid off. You rock. I can't wait to see what you've made. Wish we lived closer.

Tamra said...

Fun! That's cool that she was so nice about the picture. I'm sure she's used to stuff like that, but I'm with you, no one wants to be that lame "Can I take your picture" person!

The only celeb I've ever seen, I saw twice at the same restaurant: L. Tom Perry (my fav apostle) at Provo's Olive Garden. Does Perry count as a celeb? I didn't approach him at all, though looking back I wish I would have. Told him that I appreciate him. ... I also think I saw the old Bulls' coach, whatever his name was, in some LA hotel. We made eye contact. ... Your story is better.

Amber Sheffield said...

I love her too. She seems like such a sweety. That's exciting.