Saturday, January 03, 2009

Merry Christmas at the Brodericks

Santa came!!! Jaxson was so excited that he started opening all the gifts. I made a vital mistake by digging under the tree and finding a gift that Grandma Ellis sent up. It was a DVD about horses. He then would not open any other gifts until he watched the movie. I was shocked as was everyone else. He had one of the biggest gifts under the tree, but he didn't care. He wanted to watch Spirit. He watched the movie for 45 minutes when he finally came back to open the rest of his gifts. We had such a laugh. No one could believe a child would do such a thing.Christmas morning before all the gifts were opened.

Grandma was just so happy to have the babies for Christmas. She was in all her glory. Our kids are so lucky to have four wonderful Grandparents.
Look at all my new toys. Do I have to share with Carson?
Please let me go. I want to open presents.
Our stockings were stuffed full of toys. We needed new quiet church toys.
This was a cape that we got for Jaxson. I had to model how to use it. I'm so glad that Tyson didn't record this moment. He would have had some real leverage on me.

Grandma and Grandpa Broderick got Jaxson a violin for Christmas. He really loves music.
Aunt Becky with Addison.
All four grandchildren. Jaxson, Carson, Zach, Addison
Wearing our Christmas PJ's. Don't we look cute?

Christmas Eve Party at Tyson's Grandparents.
Addison loves eating her soothie, she gets most of it stuffed in her mouth. It is the funniest thing to see. She has a very large mouth.

Tyler performed for our family and sang Silent Night in Hawaiian.

Great Grandma Broderick made these hats for the all great grand children. Our cheeks are so rosie because Grandpa Broderick keeps it so hot in the house.