Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me.

Here are some pictures from our trip to Utah. This is Great Grandma Broderick, who is a twin herself. Back in the day, her mom didn't even know she was pregnant with twins, so when she was born her mom only had one name picked out. Her name is Pauline and her brothers name is Paul.
We went on my birthday to Cafe Rio for lunch. We had such a wonderful lunch. I do miss that place. I try to go every time I go back to Utah. For those of you who like Cafe Rio too, it didn't disappoint. It was tasty.

Chelsea and Tyson enjoying their lunch.

Look how big we are, we can sit up in high chairs all by ourselves.
Thirty candles to blow out and I did it.
Shauna and Jason drove down from Idaho to surprise me on my Birthday. As read in previous blogs, Tyson threw me another party in Utah. They were the only ones that came due to bad weather conditions. Thanks so much Shauna and Jason for spending the day with us and leaving the rest of the family for most of Christmas Eve. Thank you Tyson too. I love ya.